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IMHO, there is no finer "student guitar" out there. And it out shines a lot of "pro guitars." I had a gig on lower Broad a while back, filling in for Randy Hess. My buddy Doug Jernigan was there for the 2pm gig playing when I got there. Another steel player was hanging, as well. I started building mine, and that steel player looked at it, and said, rather disdainfully, "Why would you want THAT?" I replied, "Because it's one of the best sounding guitars I've ever played." He just shook his head and left.

When Doug finished, I asked him if he was in a hurry, or could he hang a few minutes; "I'd really like you to hear this." He sat and listened to me play a few things, and the look on his face... that startled, surprised look. He asked if he could try it. He sat down and played. He looked at me, and said, "Mike, this sounds as good as my Zum! And it plays great!"

You can't go wrong with a Stage One. It'll handle any gig. "

Michael Douchette

I bought one for my son Jacob for Christmas this year. He has a couple Zum pro models, yet loves his Encore. He says it plays great and feels very much like the others. I love the sound and its the stock pickup that Doug puts in. Here is a short video of him playing it Christmas morning. He is playing it through a 78 twin.  

His guitar is a 4x5 and has a few changes non standard. Doug is a great guy to deal with. "


YouTube Video

Jason King

I've been playing pedal steel guitar since 1988 , and I played literally hundreds of steel guitars since … the best deal I’ve ever seen are Encore guitars built by Doug… professional, well built , high quality, instruments at super affordable price … they play great, and sound awesome, I can’t recommend Doug and his guitars enough”

Damir Besic

Nashville, TN.

Best Pedal Ever"

Tommy White

Grand Ole Opry House Steel Player